There are apps that help the users, and apps that help the company... .

And then there is the Eudaemonio app

So, what does Eudaemonio  offer?

Employee Benefits App

personalization connects with your Company Brand Identity, schedules and specific industry needs and personalizes the whole app so it’s in perfect sync with your Company Brand.

Healthier office

All your employees receive personalized daily exercises and can track each other achievements through Gamification of Training Data.

We find this to be the most important aspect of the app as it helps engage your employees even better, increasing team cohesion.

About Eudaemonio
Stretching app

Perfect timing

Timing is crucial! By syncing with your calendar we enable our Algorithm to serve best possible preventive exercises at the right time.

You will not have to worry about work being put on hold and sectors being out of sync with their schedules, it all fits perfectly.


Exercise is a proven way to increase your teams overall health and performance.

By being healthy and having exercises everyday, your employees will be more energetic and have increased brain power, making work easier and more organized.

Stretching app