Working out can sometimes be a pain...

But not working out is always a pain

Learn more about Eudaemonio app and how can help with both of those – while saving time!


Maximum performance

You want your employees to give their best at work – everyday.

An average person sits approximately 12 hours a day, and this leaves a mark. By having your employees put their maximum work in, that means that only at work, they will spend more than 7.5 hours sitting, and concentrating on work. Add a few hours of driving to work…

In the long term, this will produce stress, anxiety, back and neck pain, heart conditions, decrease of brain power, and in the end – lack of focus and productivity.

However, a fast-paced, growing company, can rerely afford long breaks at work, even if it’s for something like exercising…


On the other hand, you would like to have happy, vigorous and thankful employees that are ready to give their best – everyday.

Having in mind that training and exercise events take time and thought to be organized, and that work is often disrupted and concentration lost after mass wellness events – having a ballance between employee wellness and maximum performance seem like something too good to be true…

That is why it is always best to already have a system that provides all of this for you and your employees…

Employee wellness

We at Eudaemonio know the challenges you face everyday...

And we're ready to answer them!

Solving problems with back pain while improving employee performances at work is our passion, and we are proud of the work we have put into making this dream a reality. Together with our partners, we have made thousands of employees feel better – and this is just the beginning!

Stretching app

It's time for some showcasing...

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Stretching app

Just like our sets of exercises!

The sets are timed at 5 minutes, and are excelent as they provide various exercises for stretching, which loosen the muscles and let the blood flow the way it’s supposed to, increasing concentration and providing the brain with the power to be even more productive – with no pain.

Our users get personalized sets of exercises for their everyday needs, to perfectly ballance the time you need them at work, and the time they need at work – on themselves!

Stay on top of your game...

And on top of the leaderboards

About Eudaemonio

The Eudaemonio app makes sure that the users have a reason to return to it – the best kind of reason!

Your employees will have the chance to compete with each other and take their place on the leaderboard for every good thing they do for themselves.

Every exercise they do earns them points, health, and last but not least – it earns you their gratitude, respect and ensures that they will feel more a part of the family!

We hope you remembered it all...

No? That's fine, we have a planner

Stretching app

The Eudaemonio app can sync with your Google calendar, work only on certain days, at a certain time, and even remind you to drink water – cool right?

An even better feature of the app, is that it is completely customizable to match the looks and needs of the company. Every single detail can be changed, and in no time you can have the look and the feel that your employees will grab onto.

Stretching app

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