The most fun and innovative mobile employee benefits app of its kind in the world...

Empower, Energize and Connect your people through exercises and achievements

Eudaemonio app challenges you to feel good – every day!
Employee benefits app
Employee benefits app

It's all about the people...

The entire concept is made to boost team cohesion and productivity

Introduce them to the Eudaemonio benefits app - make your life better!

We don't just provide a solution...

We provide time and motivation

How does this app benefit you?

Employee benefits app

Short exercises

Your employees will have carefully picked, 5-minute exercises suitable for all work environments

Employee benefits app

Calendar syncing

Every person is unique, and so is their work and life schedule - we take care of that with Google calendar syncing

Employee benefits app


A healthy sense of competition that builds team cohesion, but in a fun way - through leaderboards and daily standing updates

Employee benefits app


A fulfilling system for employees to help them receive achievements on a daily basis

Employee Benefits app
Employee benefits app

healthy habbits

Create a healthy and energetic atmosphere within the entire organization empowering your employees

Employee benefits app

Productivity boost

Employees that achieve goals and feel good every day are much more productive during the day

Employee benefits app

Thought and care

Feeling cared for means less turnover and a higher employee retention rate - our employee benefits app makes sure of that

Employee benefits app

Saving money

Exercising leads to less coffee and snacks consumption - you actually save money!

Employee benefits app

Made by the ones who needed it...

And who are they?

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